For a first visit to a wind tunnel, we recommend packages of 2 x 2 or 3 x 2 minutes – “Spiderman” or “Batman” for children up to 12 years old, “Optimum” or “Must” thereafter.
Every participant is different, and will learn the correct position and technique at a different pace, with the help of the ever-present instructor.
Our experience has shown that, for all, the best approach for a complete first visit is to fly for two minutes, then observe other participants also flying for two minutes each, reflecting on one’s own flying, before entering again for an additional one or two 2-minute slots.

Each participant flies for two minutes at a time, allowing for them to better assimilate the experience and fully enjoy their visit.

This methodology ensures a great flying experience and satisfaction for young and old alike.

The activity is open to all from age 5 and up, within the limits of the contra-indications.
These are listed in full on the back of our registration forms, to be filled in on-site when you come to fly (please allow 15 minutes before your time slot) or printed at home and filled in by downloading here:

WARNING: You must unconditionally arrive BEFORE THE START OF YOUR TIME SLOT, with the necessary forms filled in.

We work by groups of participants in time slots of 90 minutes, which unfold thus:

  • At the start of the time slot, your instructor brings the whole group to the Briefing Room – we provide all the instruction and demonstration required to ensure safe and fun flying.
  • SkyDream staff may, at their sole discretion, allow accompanying visitors to attend the briefing, depending on space.
  • This briefing last 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the instructor, the size of the group and questions that might arise.
  • We furnish the whole group with the required equipment: suits, helmets, hair-nets, ear plugs. This takes 5-10 minutes depending on group size.
  • The group is then led to the Flight Deck, with any accompanying visitors.
  • Each participant takes turns in the wind tunnel with the instructor, each turn lasting 2 minutes.
  • Participants flying multiple two minute flights then complete each of their slots, in turn.
  • Once everyone is done flying we lead the group back to the Briefing Room to change and return the equipment.

Vous aurez réservé et reçu confirmation et rappel pour un créneau horaire d’une durée de 90 minutes.
You will have reserved and received a confirmation for a 90 minute slot.
The whole experience can last between 60 and 90 minutes on-site, depending on the number of flights.

You must imperatively arrive BEFORE THE START OF YOUR TIME SLOT, with the necessary forms filled in.
If you’ll be completing the forms on-site, we recommend to arrive 15 minutes before your slot.
Otherwise, you can print them out and fill them in at home, and bring them with you 5 minutes before your slot:
Adult Registration / Minors Registration

Any participant arriving late loses their reservation, and will not be granted access to the facility – just like “real” flights at an airport! No excuse will be accepted, you are entirely responsible for arriving on time to complete formalities.

Depending on availability of later time slots, participants may re-book for the same day for a 50% discount on the price of packages.

For complete Terms and Conditions please check our  Terms & Conditions (French).

We provide all the required equipment on-site to ensure safe and comfortable flights:

  • A protective suit to your size, required, which you put on over your clothes.
  • A full-face helmet to your size, required.
  • Optional ear plugs.
  • A hair net to protect heads and helmets.

Shoes should be secure, and without any hard heels. Failing this, it’s perfectly possible to fly in your socks, and you may be asked to!
We recommend trainers 🙂

We recommend a hair band, or tying hair up, for those with long hair.

We provide lockers to store your clothes and personal items.

You’ll find all the information on using your certificate on the back of the card:

  • To use it, it must first be converted into a reservation.
  • This can be done by phone or in person.
  • Once converted into a reservation the certificate is invalidated.
  • You can keep it as a souvenir, no need to bring it with you to fly.
  • Make sure you check conditions and contra-indications on our web site.

We remind you that:

  • The minimum legal age to fly with us is 5 and up.
  • The Gift Certificate can be freely transferred, but not refunded.
  • The Gift Certificate can be used as credit towards a package of higher value.

For complete conditions of use, please see our  Terms & Conditions (French)

We are pleased to welcome councils and associations for a fun and sporting activity that stands out from the pack.
We offer discounts on our prices for groups of 7 or more participants, and can privatise and personalise our time slots to welcome you in the best possible conditions.
Please contact us directly!

Generally, yes – but it depends!
We have a legal limit to the number of people permitted on the flight deck.
We therefore allow all accompanying visitors on the flight deck, in the following order of priority:

  1. An (1) adult accompanying a young child, under age of 14.
  2. An (1) adult accompanying a child under age of 18.
  3. An (1) adult accompanying another adult.
  4. All other accompanying visitors who wish to watch.

We ask that you respect these priorities as we can’t know or guarantee the number of spaces available to accompanying visitors ahead of time.

No accompanying visitor has an automatic right to access the flight deck – this is entirely at the discretion of SkyDream personnel, and all those granted access must follow our safety rules and all instructions given by staff.

SkyDream reserves the right to refuse access to the flight deck, or to ask any accompanying visitor to leave the deck.

Any of our normal, “general public” reservations can be freely moved up to 48hrs before the booking.

Group reservations can be moved up to one week before.

Beyond this, NO CHANGES TO THE BOOKING ARE ALLOWED, but you can freely transfer your reservation to someone else who complies with conditions and contra-indications – this is your responsibility!

Please check our complete Terms & Conditions (French)

Sometimes! For the well-being of participants, sustained rain forces us to stop the wind tunnel.

We recommend you check the weather before booking or coming to fly – we post notices of closure on our website and Facebook page at least 24 hours in advance where possible, and attempt to contact customers by phone and email.
We cannot be held responsible for cancellations due to closures, nor should any customer travel to us when we’re closed.
In case of cancellation due to bad weather you can freely change your booking, subject to availability, by phone or in person.
Please consult our Terms & Conditions (French)

Before coming to fly, please check the weather – we announce all closures on our website and Facebook page, at least 24hrs ahead whenever possible, and will try to reach affected customers by phone and email.
In case of cancellation due to bad weather you can freely change your reservation to another date and time, subject to availability, by phone or in person.

The responsibility for checking the weather and moving a reservation rests with the customer.
Please check our Terms and Conditions (French).

Only those participants rated as “Autonomous” can fly alone (without the instructor) or with other autonomous fliers.

The required skill level is determined and assessed solely by SkyDream’s Chief Instructor.

No qualification or prior experience, either skydiving or in other wind tunnels, gives the automatic right to fly without an instructor in our wind tunnels.

To fly alone or with others in our tunnels, you’ll need to plan for an assessment flight with our Chief Instructor first, to establish your level.

Yes, absolutely!
Our SkyDream Academy is designed for those that love the activity and wish to learn and progress over regular visits.
Our child or adult Academy Packs include a full 1h of flying time, with instruction, with noted progression and feedback allowing each to come and fly whenever they want, and improve at their own pace to achieve autonomy in a wind tunnel..

By nature of the increased involvement, Academy spaces are limited to 10 concurrent participants – please contact us to see if there are available spaces!

The price of the Academy Pack, which includes the hour of instructor-led flying and all required equipment, is €650 up to age 16, €800 thereafter. (Prices correct at December 2017, subject to change without notice)

Absolutely, we encourage it!
Each month we run a photo & video competition – the owner of the photo or video – posted to, checked in or tagged with our Instagram tag @flyskdream or our Facebook page – that receives the most combined “likes” and “shares”, wins an “Optimum” or “Spiderman” package!
The winner is announced on our Facebook page and notified by email.
So… get snapping!

We don’t, but encourage participants and those accompanying them to snap away at will!
We remind you that the flight deck is located in an open, public space, and therefore cannot in any way limit or control the taking of photos or videos of participants, or the use of such.

Participants and those accompanying them accept a general release of all media, for commercial and non-commercial use.

Our Gift Certificates are only available on-site.
However, if you wish to give the gift of flight, after completing your booking on-line, send us an email to booking@skydream.mc and we’ll send you a copy of the front of a blank certificate to print and fill in yourself.
We remind you that you will have purchased full reservations, not Gift Certificates, which can be freely moved up to 48hrs before the booking.
Please consult our full Terms & Conditions (French)

Mandatory details for web site purchases are: full name, address, email and phone number.
Furthermore, to better know and serve you, we optionally ask for height, weight, date of birth, and prior flying experience.

All personal information is saved to a secure database, and all communications with our web server are secured by SSL/TLS encryption.

On-site, for legal reasons, we ask for the same information when you fill in our Adult Registration and Minors Registration forms, along with legal guardian or parent information for minors.
These forms are retained for a minimum of 3 years at our offices.

We neither collect nor save your payment details. This information will be requested only when paying your shopping cart, and is restricted to the BNP Paribas Mercanet payment system.

In accordance with law n°78-17 of 6 January 1978 relative to digital information, databases and freedoms, you have the right to oppose (art. 26), access (art 34 to 38) and rectify (art. 36) information held about you.

Our complete Terms & Conditions (in French) are available here.